Operation “Make Sense of It”

At a ripe-old soon to be 41 years old, I occupy a neat little space in the world.

The orbit of people around me is vast.  I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of friends and acquaintances; I’m proud of the number of folks that feel comfortable in my presence.  What makes me even more proud is the way this sea of contacts has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it.  White people and non-white alike; male and female; young and old. 

While there are many, one common theme that I’ve identified is a notion that there are many, many people in the world that LOVE to participate in social media.  It’s the best party going, and everybody wants to be there.  The greatest part of this particular party that is social media is that EVERYONE can come….and they have…..BOY, have they.

So, the party’s been going on for awhile now, and people are starting to wonder, “Is there MORE I can do with this?”  Everywhere I go, as I’m surrounded by that same great cast of characters that I call my social circle, I hear this question, over and over again. 

“Roger, how do I make SENSE of this?”

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share ways that I have tried to make sense of it, and the response to those things that I do has been really good. 

So, with that, I hearby launch:

OPERATION: Make Sense Of It

The objective is simple.  Create a community where people who are trying to figure out ways to use the available tools can speak and learn from one another.  I’ll throw my two sense in where appropriate, and, as we learn from and about one another, I’m sure we’ll figure out even more than what the original mission of the OPERATION may have intended…..it’ll be part of the fun of the journey.

A word to the wise.  As I write this, I can hear the questions coming already, and I suspect that the biggest question is going to be around trying to define what “IT” is.  To those of you thinking of posing that question, I say, please, for all that is right and good, DON’T.  The idea of “IT” is that the “IT” will be different for different people.  If we do a good job of letting other people know this forum exists, then we’ll be better served to talk about as many “IT’S” as possible.  Savvy?

 Lastly, I’ll leave you with this.  Remember, social media has been likened to a party.  Please keep in mind, will you, that sometimes the reason for a party is to do nothing more than simply have fun.  So, while we seek ways to make sense of our own “IT’S”, remember to have fun, won’t you?