What I’m Doing Next

It’s Time for something Different, something Remarkable.

As distributors that talk with other distributors, many conversations have revolved around the nuances associated with the contract decoration portion of selling apparel.

I often have wondered if there was a way to strengthen the value proposition a decorator can provide a distributor. It’s time to find out.

We’re busy launching a new division of iClick Inc. Co-Founded and spearheaded by Jonathan Irvin and Roger Burnett, this new division marks the industries first ever National-footprint decoration company for the apparel and printwear markets.

We think the folks at iClick are pretty remarkable, and can’t think of a better place to call home. It just felt right. If you don’t know our friends there, watch this video. This is gonna be BIG!

Roger and Jonathan


  1. TAG says:

    Congrats Roger and Jonathan! You couldn’t have picked a better company to hang your hat. iClick Rocks!

  2. Dana Zezzo says:

    Huge congrats Roger and Jonathan – I know you guys can change the world! Do it!

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