Distributor Central

In this episode of Distributor Digest, we’re joined by Vice President of Sales for Distributor Central, Tiffany Tarr.  Tiffany is in the photo as the smiling lass on the left. (The smiling lass on the right is my friend Megan Erber from Jetline)


Our discussion focuses on what the impact would be to a Distributor as he or she considers the possibility of migrating to the Distributor Central platform, how she came to be Vice President of DC and her role as a Volunteer in the Promotional Products industry.


  1. danageiger says:

    Tiff- you may not know how to sell a pen or make a pen, but girl, you give a great interview. Very nice. Very Informative and neat way to give some insight into the product you provide. I too am a big fan in the regional model. Thank you for your support.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Dana- thanks girl!

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