All We Sell Are Suits, Suits, Suits (and Shirts)

Elegant problem-solving via data & technology. User experience focused. Make the 40+ hours per week devoted to vocation the best hours possible. Embrace #thehustle.

We’re a Company based in the realities of today. We have something to say and we’re willing to say it in a voice of our own. We’re #TheRedTieSociety, a collective of #ExcellentHumanBeings.

We’re market-researchers, we’re hypothesis-testers.

Oh, yeah. We also happen to sell really cool custom suits and shirts for $250 & $50, respectively, delivered to your door in 14 days. Today, we focus the brand on those times in your life when you’d stand out in a custom suit – weddings & other formal events, young professionals beginning their careers, anyone searching for the flexibility a lower price point provides for suit ownership. We want you to find us in those moments when you need to look your best, and it doesn’t have to cost you a missed trip or concert festival ticket.

I had the good fortune to attend The Internet Summit last week in Raleigh, NC. My good friend and partner in joy-spreading Danny Rosin and I conducted a few experiments while participating in the event over the course of 30 hours. Being the gracious friend he is, Danny took great pains to introduce me to an excellent cross-section of participants; young & old, male & female, red & blue. Our objective: what kind of initial reaction would the SnapSuits value proposition engender from participants?

I’m kicking myself for not recording the responses. They were THAT good.

I met a bunch of really great people (Hudson Haines, Cole Watts, Chris CiminoDevin Kelley amongst many others) and we couldn’t seem to find one person to tell us the SnapSuits premise wasn’t valid. We DID hear some people tell us they wear more Sport Coats than suits, but NOT ONE PERSON could give me a reason our concept shouldn’t fly, and I’m expecting a few orders after Thanksgiving. Hypothesis tested. Results confirm the validity of the business model.

An e-commerce driven, direct to consumer solution designed to significantly alter the current status quo for custom apparel is the foundation of our business , but it’s our desire to bring a human element to the way we interact with people even when we’re having them buy from us online. The hybrid model lives here at SnapSuits.

Articles are infrequently written from the 1st person perspective of someone in the middle of building a start-up from scratch. Even less frequently found are examinations of the means by which this level of specialization might be approached. I welcome each of you to follow along with this chronicle.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to keep an eye on the brand, please feel free to check us out in all of places you’d expect to find us.