PK Podcast 82 – Marshall Atkinson

Mark Graham, co-founder of commonsku and chef Roger Burnett, Director of Sales at Legacy Global Sports speak with Marshall Atkinson of Atkinson Shirt.
Within the promotional products industry, contract screen printers and embroiderers drive a large amount of volume, yet many of them lack the visibility enjoyed by more prominent promotional suppliers. There is no doubt about it, contract decorators play a key role in the promotional ecosystem.Within this segment of the industry, one shining star is our guest today, Marshall Atkinson.At the time of recording, Marshall was the Chief Operating Officer of Visual Impressions Inc., and Ink to the People in Milwaukee, WI.
A frequent article & information contributor to several industry publications, Marshall lectures on sustainability at ISS trade shows, industry manufacturing groups, and has participated in numerous webinar panel discussions. He is on the Board of Directors for the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), and serves on the SGIA Garment, Membership & Sustainability Committees.
Marshall is an active blogger at His articles challenge and inspire readers to be better at their craft.
Marshall also recently joined PromoKitchen as a chef in 2015.

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