So, You’re in Sales? Episode 12 Roni Wright

We close 2017 with a discussion with Roni Wright.

In the discussion, Roni reveals her motivations behind seeking to become a trained Yogi, learning how to recalibrate your thoughts to deal better with stressful situations, her trips to India and how communicating with your parents can turn into a Social Media sensation.

So, You’re in Sales? – Episode 11 Danny Rosin

Ever wondered in the car on the way in to work if what you were doing for a living could somehow be more fulfilling? Ever hoped you could find more meaning in your work? Is money alone enough to get you out of bed in the morning? In the latest episode of So, You’re in Sales, my partner-in-goodness Danny Rosin and I examine these topics and explore some of the ways Brand Fuel have been able to introduce these thoughts into their employee and client relationships alike.