So, You’re in Sales? Episode 20 Matt Lamb

FacilisGroup’s Master of Crushing It Matt Lamb returns for his recurring segment on ways to get the most out of every sales day. Thoughts to consider include:
– finding and keeping accountability partners
– creating and filling a personal Board of Directors
– growing and improving your peer group
– the need for personal commitment to Company sales culture

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 19 Jill Albers

Counselor Award-Winner, ASI Power 50 and multi-million dollar producer Jill Albers from Shumsky joins me in this Episode to discuss the road to enterprise wins, the value of mentorship in Promotional Product sales and how requirements at the enterprise level often present unique challenges to any Distributorship

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 18 Paul Bellantone

PPAI President & CEO Paul Bellantone stops in to discuss the finer points of leading a successful $22MM business with 80 people, the recharging powers of being on the road and his perspective on the most important things members of the industry should be doing today to move their businesses (and the industry) forward

So, You’re in Sales Episode 16 Anthony Iannarino

To follow Anthony and the fine work he does, follow
In this discussion, we cover thoughts on the personality traits necessary to be a successful salesperson, why most salespeople struggle to find real connections with their prospects and ways to overcome the many gaps in your sales training (should you have the good fortune to have gotten sales training!)