So, You’re in Sales? Episode 25 Bill Petrie on Collaboration

This special live Episode was recorded in Raleigh NC. On the heels of Bill being named to the #1 spot on Dale Denham’s Online 18 for 2018, we discuss the business value of collaboration and the ways his collaborations have benefitted him in his rise to that spot on the list this year.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 24 Paul Kiewiet On Hunting Large Accounts

Industry icon. Thought leader. Master of enterprise-sales Paul Kiewiet joins for a discussion about all things necessary to win at the Big Account level.
Listen in to find out:
– Why “being on the bid list” guarantees you nothing
– The tactical approach, program v. transactional business as entry points
– How large accounts should mimic your financial investment due diligence
This, along with the 3 Questions Every Distributor Should Ask when deciding to pursue accounts of this size will leave you better prepared to approach this part of the marketplace.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 23 Dylan Neal

Dylan joins me to provide the perspective of an office of 55 salespeople all under 30, their thoughts on ways the “real-world” is the same (and different) than they expected and how purpose impacts the decision making process for salespeople in early stages of their development.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 21 Leslie Roark

Business owner, volunteer, mentor and all around great person Leslie Roark joins me in this Episode for a discussion on selling software when the product doesn’t work, finding solutions to problems you weren’t even aware you have, why seeking industry certifications might mean more business for your Company, and how she and her husband bought a Company with no computers!