PromoCares Regional Association Challenge 2018

My LinkedIn Bio reads:

The robots are coming. There will always be ways to show value, prosper and thrive. I seek otherspresenting the case for purpose as the 5th P of Marketing. If you’re in business as a means to helpmore people, I want to know more about you.

I’ve been involved as a volunteer for the trade associations responsible for protecting our marketplace almost since the beginning of my time in the industry, and my learning curve was shortened dramatically given the wealth of knowledge and advice I was (and am still) provided by interested and caring members of our marketplace. The value of community and seeing your marketplace from a big picture perspective is smart business in my mind, but not everyone shares that opinion.

Commerce retains a dramatically human element, but it’s an element under constant attack in the name of efficiency and driving cost out of the entirety of any industry’s supply chain. There’s a race going on and each of us has a responsibility to bring greater levels of value to that which you do to survive. Trade Associations and other protectionist organizations are increasingly more necessary (FastCompany article, Capital One campaign) and yet support and investment in ensuring strong organizations doing important advocacy work in the cross hairs of the tariff battle are lukewarm at best.

Our industry takes care of ourselves, we take care of our communities, and we play a role in helping communities recover in the wake of the disaster of the day, be it man-made or at the hands of forces outside our control. We struggle to express to the world the true value of what we do when we do it best, but given the opportunity to show you what we’ve got, we deliver the goods time and time again.

So, I’ve presented to this community a challenge. A challenge to change how our medium is seen in the eyes of those most in need of our help in the community, non-profits.

This series of information is dedicated to offering an evolving explanation of what is going on behind the scenes at PromoCares, and the ways our engagement with the Regional Trade Association community will play a key role in determining our collective impact in the calendar year 2019.

Follow along for insights, sneak peaks and listens, pictures and other insider baseball reserved only for the most passionate about what’s going on with PromoCares



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