Other Band’s T-Shirts

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Other Band’s T-shirts
When you love a brand, you want to share the story behind it.
9/11/2017 | Roger Burnett, The Burn
When Kurt Cobain showed up in a Mudhoney T-shirt, I couldn’t get to the record store fast enough to get my hands on their CD. When Jason Isbell rocked a Sound Emporium T-shirt, I spent the next two weeks exploring the catalog of amazing music recorded there.
The real estate covering their bodies represented a chance to make a statement, statements guys like me are more than eager to receive.


I do the same thing today. If I dig your brand, I want to wear it. It’s my way of making the identical statement as my musical heroes. Not with band T-shirt’s, rather the brands owned and operated by those I admire.

Here are a few in my current rotation.

But this story isn’t about those shirts, it’s about this one.

I carry BrandFuel T-shirt’s with me all over the place. There are a bunch of photos on social accounts of me in the two versions of their logo I’ve worn as we got to know one another years ago. I actually think the first T-shirt (which is NOT ruined, mercifully) was stolen from Misters Rosin and Fiveash upon our first visit to their studio.

Needless to say, T-shirt #2 suffered terribly and recently had to be retired from the Brand Rotation. I was heartbroken. It was like losing a friend. But, the guys behind the logo are still making T-shirts so…

Our exchange went something like this.

Me:  I ruined it. I am so bummed right now this T-shirt went so many places with me.

Reply: It’s never too late to send me your address and shirt size again. So, stop your woe-is-me-ing:)

Me: Address provided with much speed, extra tight please j/k medium. This situation has inspired a blog post and thank you my friend…

That exchange made me realize just how deeply I cared about Danny and Robert’s brand. Losing that shirt meant fewer opportunities where I’d be stopped and asked about the logo on the front. That oil stain interrupted my ability to tell the story of the brand created by friends of mine, in much the same way those musicians told the similar stories by wearing the T-shirt’s of the bands they wanted other people to know about.

When you truly care about a brand, you go beyond merely admiring someone else’s work, you begin to pick up the ability to share the message behind their brand, which is SUCH a great testimonial to anyone working to make something great. Not to mention, in each instance, it’s a high quality garment, from the material in the T-shirt itself to the uniqueness in logo design and even placement. One was even crowd-sourced in a competition over at PromoKitchen. The garment tells a story in much the same way as the brands behind them.

If your brand has a story, I’d love to hear about it. I’ve got lots of space left in the closet. I welcome the chance for any and all of the readers of this piece to share their stories with me in the vehicle of your choosing. The stories that resonate most with me will become future additions to this “Brand Rotation” of shirts I wear – should there be a willing audience!

PS – T-shirt #3 is pictured below. SCORE!

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Roger has spent 20+ years making complex concepts more understandable for both buyers and sellers alike, and has devoted the majority of his recent career to writing and executing sales and marketing plans for early and mid-stage businesses. He is a student of organizational behavior and the disciplines successful selling organizations use to achieve the greatest reach, even in instances of scarce resources. He loves the outdoors and seeks memorable experiences whenever possible. Contact Roger at roger@branded-logistics.com or 810-986-5369.

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