Delivering Marketing Joy 263 – Social Good Promotions

In this Edition of Delivering Marketing Joy – Kirby invited me on to share with the world the reasoning behind the go to market strategy we employ at Social Good Promotions and why I was motivated to start a completely new business in a crowded and noisy marketplace from a clean sheet design.

So, You’re in Sales? Productivity Podcast COVID_19 Edition

How can we even attempt to sell right now?
Ways to be seen as someone trustworthy and helpful
Ways the newly WFH can stay focused on work
Does the idea of confinement cause you emotional pain –
All this and more in this look at a historical snapshot in time and the ways we might manage our way out of the storm



Ideas Are Currency

If you don’t devote time, energy and attention to devising ways to improve what you do and innovate toward things you SHOULD do – you’re leaving your business WIDE OPEN to be bypassed by competitors. Read on to learn how to avoid that untimely fate.

This article originally appeared in the March 2020 edition of The Burn at PromoJournal at PromoCorner.

Ideas Are Currency

So, You’re in Sales? Find Investors for Growth (or Retirement?)

Ready to retire but unsure how to value what you’ve built? Ready to buy a business but unclear about what to look for in the evaluation process? Looking to reach the next level of growth but unsure what investors will ask you? Drew Leahy has built 4 start-ups and now manages investment for LA-based Hawke Ventures, in this discussion he brings his first-person perspective on what garners investment attention and what does not.

So, You’re in Sales? Aligning Passion and Skill for Success

Wendy Caverly joins me for a discussion about her path toward capitalizing on her biggest strengths and finding the courage to go for it when nothing suggested success was waiting. We also cover the exploding referral team trend and why participation in one on one networks has leap-frogged digital platforms in creating meaningful scale for small and medium sized businesses.

Best PPAI Expo. Ever!

With more than a million square feet of exhibit space the PPAI Expo is among the largest annual trade shows in Las Vegas. Somehow, we managed to not step one foot onto the show floor this year, and the experience left us energized and excited for the year ahead. Read more to learn about our alternative approach and what transpired in the process.

This article originally appeared in the February 2020 edition of The Burn at PromoJournal by PromoCorner

Best EXPO. Ever!

So, You’re in Sales? Up Your Close Rates Using the Diamond Rule

With 12 books on 9 topics spanning the Goldfish Franchise of books, Stan Phelps has built a career examining the ways Companies of all sizes can implement small but powerful changes to improve across all disciplines. This discussion centers on the study of human emotions and the predictable ways we all react to pressure-filled situations. The content is thought-provoking and Stan is an excellent communicator.

So, You’re in Sales? A Sales Career Forged in The Great Recession

2008 was an unfortunately unforgettable year for most Americans and Mike Langford’s sales and marketing career was forged in the most difficult days of that Great Recession. This Episode explores how new entrants to the economy handled that challenge within the economic condition of the time and the ways it has affected Mike’s willingness to take risk to achieve increasing levels of success. Plus, Mike reveals the Pitch Club concept and how to get involved

So, You’re in Sales? The Give First Economy and How to Succeed at It

Kirby is a good friend and a graduate-level believer in the Give First strategy of business relationships. He arrived in the studio to talk about his latest book and why it’s important to use a Give First strategy in business today.

Marketer, business leader and 5 time author Kirby Hasseman joins the program for an analysis behind the adoption of a Give First strategy in sales and the benefits (and risks) associated with pivoting to this approach. In this Episode we examine the Appreciation Gap and it’s consequence, share real-life examples of how your message changes when you adopt this strategy and the value of considering yourself a media Company, regardless of what you sell