Regional Association Community 2018 Volunteer of the Year

It’s an unexpected honor to be recognized for doing something that has been of tremendous value to me both personally and professionally. I was so grateful to be added to this exclusive community of volunteer leaders recognized for service above and beyond the requirements of our positions.

When someone tells you “don’t hide your light under a barrel”, they’re trying to gift you a gift. Let them. Someday you might be inspired enough to win an award as a result.

PromoCares Radio podcast

AAA Innovations & American Forests Buy 1 Plant 1 Program Purpose is the 5th P of Marketing – Find Out Why

You don't have to sacrifice quality or pay more than expected for a product from AAA Innovations Plant A Tree program. As a reaction to growing demand from their clients, AAA Innovations is on a mission to introduce environmentally-friendly options for ALL their products.
  1. AAA Innovations & American Forests Buy 1 Plant 1 Program
  2. Raining Rose – No Booth? No Problem!
  3. Baggage Can Be Beautiful – Tamar Sebesta from Doing Good Works
  4. Give Back Where You Live – Jody Steinhauer @ The Bargains Group
  5. You Buy Journals, They Plant Trees – American Forests & The Book Co.

PromoCares Radio has served as the primary vehicle for those of us interested in learning the stories behind the factories supplying us product to sell to buyers of merch.

If you want to learn more about the places you’re spending your money with when you buy a travel mug, t-shirt or hat, these interviews will be interesting to you.