So, You’re in Sales? Chef James Rigato – Mabel Gray on Staying Relevant

Chef James joined me for a discussion about the exploding Detroit dining scene, his role in the development of the same and the ways the changing marketplace is affecting everyone’s ability to surprise and delight their diners.

So, You’re in Sales? Shawn Finder on Sales Automation

Autoklose founder Shawn Finder joins me for a discussion about the evolving nature of lead generation for modern sales teams, the ways smart sales organizations are adding automation to their efforts and the balance small and medium sized businesses must find when deciding how to grow their sales line in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

50th EPISODE! So, You’re in Sales? Arbor Brewing Company

Mix together a mechanic, a scientist and a businessperson who all care deeply about culture and beer and the result is beautiful packaging, a story behind the brand and a healthy dose of respect for the beauty within The Corner Brewery (and EVERY corner brewery)

This special 50th Episode was recorded live at The Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, MI, where Arbor Brewing makes their wide array of beers

So, You’re in Sales? Jill Albers Top Performer Series

Bamko’s own Jill Albers joins for her 3rd visit to share her perspectives on chasing the big accounts and the street-level view from what’s going on across the table from buyers on the opposite side of Fortune 100 sales transactions.

So, You’re in Sales? The Productivity Podcast

This Episode is devoted exclusively to available avenues for increased sales productivity.

Listen in as I share:
1) 5 Books to improve productivity and general business performance
2) 5 “People” to follow for continuous improvement
3) 5 Places to broadcast and why podcasting is under video surveillance
4) 5 Things you can send right now to stay top of mind with prospects

So, You’re in Sales? Mindfulness for the Modern Salesperson

In a 15 year meditation practice Rob has evolved from an individual practitioner to author on the topic to the host of an annual silent retreat . Listen in as we discuss the ways Rob’s experience with the sale of his business led to his search for meditation and what’s ensued since then, the ways it has benefitted his and many others careers and how to get started yourself.

So, You’re in Sales? Lessons from 3 YEARS of Cold Calling

This Episode is part of the New to Sales Series.

Joining the family business sometimes means believing your Dad is making the correct choice for you. Joe Douglas joins me for a discussion about the journey from the warehouse to the sales team, why “paying the tax” is still necessary when building a personal brand these days and the seductive role culture plays when evaluating where to work and whom to support.

So, You’re in Sales? Recruiting Successfully in Cyber Security

This Episode is part of the New to Sales Series.

Award-winning recruiter Sarah Roberts joins me to share her perspective on achieving success before the age of 30, reasons for optimism (and the enormous opportunity) for women in the CyberSecurity field and an exploration of the optimal mix of pay and benefits necessary to recruit millennial talent to your Company.

So, You’re in Sales? Podcasting as a Prospecting Tool

Ronin Branding’s own Chris Wachowiak joins me for a discussion around content and the ways podcasting in specific and content as a category still represents the beginning of what should become the cornerstone of your go-to-market SALES strategy.

Consider also, Donald Miller and The Curse of Knowledge and why content can build a bridge to your prospects and solve The Curse.

So, You’re in Sales? Marketing is Dead

Mark Schaefer’s books on marketing rank among the most-read, ever. His blog, grow, is referenced by the most respected marketers around the world as a source of insight.
In this discussion, we unravel the reasons behind why marketers with the biggest budgets are failing and the lessons available to Companies of all sizes when considering how to attract and retain customers