So, You’re in Sales? Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

With expectations of $55B in sales by 2025, fewer markets are poised for the expansion anticipated in the cannabis marketplace. Michael Beach from Denver, CO based Highline Promos joins me for a discussion about his efforts to meet the unmet need for advertising by members of that marketplace, the nuances around successfully selling in the space and how to get started

So, You’re in Sales? Introducing Social Good Promotions

January 19, 2019 rang in with the debut of Social Good Promotions.

Listen in as the tables are turned as Brand Fuel co-Founder and President Danny Rosin takes the interviewers chair and sits down Social Good Promotions Founder Roger Burnett for a discussion about the purpose behind the new venture, how it’s mission aligns with making the world a better place and the ways our collective time devoted to PromoCares has informed this journey.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 39 Panel Discussion – A Look Back & A Look Ahead

The format was simple.

3 guests

  1. Former PPAI Chairman of the Board and President of Seattle, WA based Distributor Image Source, Tom Goos
  2. PromoKitchen Chef, PromoCares Board Member and freshly printed Regional Association Council Board of Directors 2019 President + President of service provider PromoCorner, Bill Petrie
  3. The most listened to contributor to the podcast in 2018, American Solutions for Business Vice President of Marketing and Vendor Relations, none other than the TRASA Hall of Famer himself, Dana Zezzo

Panel Discussion

  1. 2018 Industry Highlights
  2. 2018 Industry Lowlights
  3. Biggest Thing You’re Watching
  4. The Thing No One’s Paying Enough Attention To
  5. The Thing We Should Stop Worrying About

Listen in for what turned into a raucous, laugh out loud discussion about the current state of things and whether or not it’s time to turn out the lights on the industry.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 38 Patrick Black on Promo e-commerce today (and tomorrow)

Patrick Black has been selling promotional products exclusively via the internet for 15 years. Take a listen to hear what the process is like, the pieces of tech Perfect Imprints uses to conduct their work and how you might get started with something similar.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 37 Paul Bellantone 2018 Year in Review

A kinder and gentler message to the listeners this year from PPAI President Paul Bellantone. In this Episode we contemplate the ways venture capital money will first change the marketplace, discuss the potential effects of tariffs on our industry, look at the ways PPAI has gone on offense for the Promotional Marketing industry with it’s Get in Touch Campaign and the role their newly-released Strategic Foresight report plays with their membership.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 36 Tom Rauen on Winning at Marketing – Today

The one time Guinness World Record holder for Most Tee-Shirts worn joins me for a discussion about The Celebrity Effect and how his Company’s give-back work has landed them in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and People Magazine


So, You’re in Sales? Episode 35 Jill Albers on The Pursuit of What’s Next

Industry top sales performer Jill Albers sits down with me for a discussion around her decision to change Companies, the thought processes she used to undergo the change and her advice to others in high-level positions considering something similar.

The Closet of Shame w/Bill Petrie

Even wondered what happens when shit goes wrong?

Ours is a traveling trade show industry. When you’re spending months of your life on the road, traveling from city to city to visit with the same people on a recurring basis, it becomes necessary to learn how to tell stories.

These are the stories we tell one another at the hotel bar after a day and a half on the show floor. These are the tales we share with each other as we renew our love for the industry each January in Las Vegas.

MY closet holds a cautionary tale about leaving too many variables in play when managing a sophisticated buyer with a young account team and a disconnected supply chain and what to do when a situation like that one spirals out of control. (Clink on Picture to Link to Episode)

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So, You’re in Sales? Episode 34 Antonio Centeno = 2 MILLION YouTube Subscribers. Learn How.

We step outside the Promotional Marketing industry for a discussion with a former Marine turned YouTube star. Antonio joins me for a discussion about the ways content marketing has changed over the years, shares insider hacks to stand out in a crowded and noisy content marketplace and offers his thoughts on the Personal Brand stack, including the production of a conference dedicated to his subscriber base

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 33 David Shultz on The Technology Arms Race

Technology is core to David Shultz’s everyday activities. In this Episode, we talk about the ways shifts in the industry’s composition are being affected by technology, the ways technology is forcing some of those shifts, the importance of humanity in the value chain and thoughts behind his decision making in leaving Distributor Central after 18 years to join commonsku