So, You’re in Sales? Episode 32 Charity Gibson Sell Better, Sell More, Use Social

Charity Gibson joins me on the Anniversary of the podcast becoming a twice monthly broadcast for a discussion regarding her observations as a digital marketer from both the supplier as well as the distributor perspective and the expert ways members of our industry are capturing market share employing social media tactics and strategies designed to create inter-personal relationships using these broadcast channels

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 31 Amanda Delaney on Shifts in Field Selling

As a road warrior, music lover and enthusiastic content consumer and producer, Amanda Delaney brings a field-level perspective to the subtle and not-so-subtle ways the Promotional Marketing industry is different from years past. We touch on industry consolidation and the effects it’s creating among our industry’s field sales organizations, the ways social media has impacted sales relationships and why producing content has become increasingly important to your sales strategy.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 30 Dana Zezzo on Perspective & Changing Roles

Dana joins me on the heels of a career-changing decision to look back on the ways his road led him to the choice, what giving back has done for him along the way – including changing his perspective.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 29 Ben Taylor & Adam Walterscheid on Collaboration

T Shirt Tycoon was named 2015’s fastest growing Supplier. Bam Bam’s has energized their marketing efforts. Based on a mutual commitment to trust, transparency and a desire to deepen relationships with others with similar values, CoLab was born. Listen in on how this collaboration has already delivered amazing results for it’s customers and where the partnership is likely headed in the future!

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 28 Kirby Hasseman on Building a Better Sales Engine

Content creator, business owner, sales leader and Good Time Player-Man Kirby Hasseman joins me for a discussion about all things sales, including hiring for culture & training for skill, why personality must combine with productivity for sales success, how and where budgeting for content should live in your business and why content is like fitness.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 27 Marshall Atkinson Apparel Decorators Are Your Secret Weapon

Marshall Atkinson joins me for a discussion about the ways business relationships can succeed or fail, the importance of communication, process and routine in achieving business success and why sustainability and purpose in business have become increasingly more important

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 26 Nick DiMaggio on Being a Millennial Salesperson

Millenial salesperson Nick DiMaggio joins me for a discussion about his journey to becoming a salesperson, the ways members of his generation may be able to outsmart hiring sales managers, the ways members of his generation may not be prepared for their life as salespeople and where business owners are letting their staff down by not giving them sufficient training to be successful.


So, You’re in Sales? Episode 25 Bill Petrie on Collaboration

This special live Episode was recorded in Raleigh NC. On the heels of Bill being named to the #1 spot on Dale Denham’s Online 18 for 2018, we discuss the business value of collaboration and the ways his collaborations have benefitted him in his rise to that spot on the list this year.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 24 Paul Kiewiet On Hunting Large Accounts

Industry icon. Thought leader. Master of enterprise-sales Paul Kiewiet joins for a discussion about all things necessary to win at the Big Account level.
Listen in to find out:
– Why “being on the bid list” guarantees you nothing
– The tactical approach, program v. transactional business as entry points
– How large accounts should mimic your financial investment due diligence
This, along with the 3 Questions Every Distributor Should Ask when deciding to pursue accounts of this size will leave you better prepared to approach this part of the marketplace.

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 23 Dylan Neal

Dylan joins me to provide the perspective of an office of 55 salespeople all under 30, their thoughts on ways the “real-world” is the same (and different) than they expected and how purpose impacts the decision making process for salespeople in early stages of their development.