So, You’re in Sales? Episode 6 – Dale Denham

In this Episode, Geiger CIO Dale Denham and I explore Customer Relationship Management tools, the potential motivations behind why a business owner may want to migrate to one, thoughts behind the use of a CRM system and it’s underlying role as part of a Company’s Sales Methodology and how to get started in making the transition

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 5 – Mark Schaefer

Best Selling Author Mark Schaefer discusses his new book, Known, and shares best practices from the business world of successful examples of personal branding efforts and the resultant success for those individuals.…scomp_smile_sav1

So, You’re in Sales Episode 3 – Johanna Gottlieb

Johanna and I talk about changes in market dynamics and the corresponding evolution those changes have created in the discipline of selling – plus we muse on the best way to communicate with our clients and prospects. If you’re interested in the article I reference, here’s the LINK…e-an-Expert

So, You’re in Sales Episode 2 – Charley Johnson

Charley visits with me and shares his thoughts on the arc of his career from promotional products wunderkind at 16, the humility found in failure and an honest look at the present and the future with an eye on kindness and doing good in the world.