So, You’re in Sales?Defining Your Career on Your Own Terms

Can a career that conforms to the specific needs of your situation bring happiness AND success? Does cynicism and fear stand in the way of your personal progress? MaryBeth Potrykus joins me for a discussion about the ways everyone can marry their needs with their vocation and take control of your career, on your own terms.

So, You’re in Sales? Winning: Business v. Sports

There are many parallels between business and sport, and many of the lessons elite athletes learn in the heat of competition directly translate to the business world. Alex Roberts transformed his personal lessons on the ice to success as a coach and later transitioned to doing the same in business. His perspectives are fueled from his time on the bench and in the board room and the lessons found in this interview stand the test of time.

So, You’re in Sales? Failure, 10 Years Later

What would YOU do if you lost everything? Divorce. Bankruptcy. Failed Business Relationship. Kicked off the team you created. Listen in for a cautionary tale fueled by the mortgage crisis as it turns into a story of redemption and why it’s important to never forget where you came from. Thanks to Steve Zyskowski of Caerusnet for the opportunity to capture this amazing story of resiliency and determination.

Every New Beginning (Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End)

It’s more than just an awesome song lyric by Semisonic. When you’re in a mature marketplace, it’s a zero sum game. If we win work, we win that work away from people already doing something similar (if not the same). It’s not lost on me what happens when changes occur, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t tell people what we do or how we’re different. If you can’t do the same, it might be time to rethink that, or risk losing clients you didn’t know were unhappy.

This article was originally published in the December edition of The Burn at PromoJournal by PromoCorner

Every New Beginning

Off My Game

Sometimes, big things have a way of feeling bigger than they are.

Truth of the matter was, we were having a ribbon cutting at our local Chamber of Commerce and I was curled in a ball on the floor of my shower, uncertain about my ability to move.

Read on to learn how the story ends – the picture is at least a little bit of a hint

This article originally appeared in the November 2019 edition of The Burn at PromoJournal by PromoCorner

Off My Game

Your Customers Are Waiting

Get Planning for Next Year

If you don’t make an attempt to create an opportunity for your clients and prospects to meet you in a neutral setting that will create a memory for them, you’re losing business to those that are. More and more, creating experiential opportunities for people to witness your craft in person in a meaningful way is the only true way to get peoples attention in a way they won’t hate you for.

This article covers our September 2019 attempt to create that for our clients and what happened as a result and originally appeared in the October 2019 edition of The Burn at PromoJournal by PromoCorner

Your Customers are Waiting

Winning Isn’t Everything

The Value of Mistimed Predictions

When you’re brand new at what your business does, even if you’ve been in that industry for decades, it takes a cycle for most Companies to settle into an understanding of the daily activities of its business – predicting revenue growth is particularly difficult, and this article considers how things can go astray and why.

This article originally appeared in the September 2019 edition of The Burn at PromoJournal by PromoCorner

Winning Isn’t Everything

Stay the Course (Living Your Why)

This article originally debuted on PromoJournal August of 2019.

Starting 1 new business is hard enough. Try opening two businesses in back to back years. The challenges have been numerous and sometimes trying. Here’s a look at the ways I was managing the process at the time.

So, You’re in Sales? Smart Investments for 2020 Sales Growth

With 2019 at the 3/4 pole, Tom Goos comes in for a discussion about strategic investment possibilities to realize sales growth in 2020 and beyond.

So, You’re in Sales? Productivity Podcast 2

Back by popular demand, The Productivity Podcast offers insights and considerations for improved sales productivity. This Episode features thoughts on Podcasting as a Prospecting Tool, Things to Consider Outsourcing Next Year and reasons for creating One Big Thing to focus on in 2020.