My personal and professional life have been enriched in unimaginable ways by virtue of the time I’ve devoted to Volunteering.

From my time as Mentorship Chair for PromoKitchen to each of the years I spent on the MiPPA Board of Directors, then the PPAI RAC Board of Directors as well as my time advocating for the Promotional Products Industry on Capitol Hill, I’ve been witness to tremendous personal efforts to better the industry for all and made more friends than I can count in the process.

When you’re interacting with someone in a non-business setting, you often have the opportunity to evaluate people based on their character and values. It’s no surprise to find former volunteers working with and for each other after their time together as volunteers as volunteering serves as the perfect non-business relationship incubator.

If you’d like to consider mentorship – PromoKitchen Mentorship Program

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If you’d like to consider getting involved locally – Find Your Regional Association

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Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 2.28.19 PM What’s Your Scenario?

2014 saw the re-launch of the PromoKitchen Mentorship Program. This article served as the launch notice and created the 1st of what have become an evolving number of ways we serve the mentee’s in our community.

202600_4381671582615_1557011326_o Now Serving, You!

I discuss the importance of getting involved and giving back to the Industry that supports us and our families.

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My good friend Paul Bellantone leads PPAI in their efforts as a Trade Association to protect and further the interests of the $20 Billion Promotional Marketing Industry. Paul was kind enough to lend me a byline on his blog during my time as PPAI Regional Association Council Board of Directors President (2013)

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In anticipation of the Regional Association community coming together for the 2013 education and networking conference, Leadership Development Workshop, I offered my thoughts on what attendees might expect to see, hear and do. Link to Article

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Revenue generation for Regional Trade Associations has never been more difficult. Reliance on single sources of income have created threats to these organizations and their ongoing viability as a means of protection for Industry practitioners in the geographic areas these Associations cover. Link to Article