Regional Association Challenge IGNITE Session October 2018

Binge watching Netflix and Amazon has forever changed the way we consume content.

We released the PromoCares concept at PPAI EXPO 2018 to much interest. We weren’t ready with whatever we should have done to be ready when you touch on a lightning rod. We weren’t then, but, in launching the Regional Association Challenge, we do so with some aces up our sleeve and we come to this moment saying, we have a path for differentiation for Regional Associations to offer members and especially non-members should we have success using the PromoCares Regional Association Challenge as it’s intended, which is to create a case study around the effectiveness of promotional products as a medium in comparison to other ways non-profits currently budget for marketing.

Here’s how I positioned the challenge to the group attending the IGNITE session at LDW this year. Many thanks to PPAI for live streaming this. Bill Petrie will come to love or loathe this video. Not sure where we’ll settle on that, but give it a listen for some perspective.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.44.03 AM

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