So, You’re in Sales Episode 16 Anthony Iannarino

To follow Anthony and the fine work he does, follow¬† In this discussion, we cover thoughts on the personality traits necessary to be a successful salesperson, why most salespeople struggle to find real connections with their prospects and ways to overcome the many gaps in your sales training (should you have the good fortune to... Continue Reading →

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 14 Brennan Scanlon

Critically acclaimed author Brennan Scanlon joins me to discuss the gap created in personal business relationships, how marketing and advertising in the social age fail to fill the trust gap digitally, the importance of establishing the in-person portion of your brand, picking your tribe and the process of writing a book with a Legend of... Continue Reading →

So, You’re in Sales? Episode 10 – Bill Petrie

PromoCorner President Bill Petrie and I cover: - being prolific with content requires methods to manage the process - content as the lead prospecting tool in a social selling model - mechanics required to execute on the strategy - the importance of communication standards in a geographically dispersed Company - establishing a culture unwilling to... Continue Reading →

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